Dear Visitor,

Welcome to our town's homepage! Szigetszentmiklós is a settlement in the northern part of Csepel Island, surrounded by branches of the Danube, with a history spanning more than 750 years. It is part of the urban agglomeration of Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, and became a town on January 1, 1986.

I am sure that if you devote a few minutes to looking around our home page to get to know our town, you will benefit from learning about the many unique sights of our natural environment, the history, special characteristics, leadership and institutions of our town, and the many associations and organizations working here.

Our portal will help you manage your affairs, gain useful and up-to-date information to help you track the town's development, and learn about the aspirations of the local government and what it has achieved so far.

If you are looking for cultural events, you are sure to find something to catch your fancy. Whether artist exhibitions, concerts, the colorful Szigetszentmiklós Autumn, or the Sziget Theater, Szigetszentmiklós has something for everyone.

I am sure that as you peruse the news on our website, you will feel the values that our self-government protects and promotes. Our goal is to make Szigetszentmiklós a calm and modern home for our citizens and an attractive place to visit for our guests.


Yours sincerely:


János Nagy

Mayor of Szigetszentmiklós